Yarn Love, Creating a Routine & Building Defenses


All that is left to do are the sleeve cuffs! Four years of sitting around waiting for me to do something, anything, to finish it off and make it more comfortable to wear. Four years ago I knit this sweater. A wonderful woman on Ravelry challenged me to challenge myself and now, in a matter of days, (or is it weeks?) crochet hook in hand, I am near enough to completion that I can almost taste it!

Thank you Kim.

The world is full of wonderful people; awful people and things too, granted, but your world will be colored entirely by the way you choose to see it. Do you focus on the negative or on the positive? Focusing on one does not eliminate the other but it does shape your attitude and your actions. Are you more of a positive or negative influence on others in your life? I constantly need to remind myself to focus on the good and positive around me because it (the good) is not as egocentric as the negativity that constantly pushes for attention and vies for center stage.

I am finding that having a routine, a schedule, a road map… if you will, help me to keep track of what is most important. This organization, as I slowly formulate and apply it; is aiding me… keeping feelings of being overwhelmed at bay. Taking control of one’s life is a slow process, but each day looks brighter when you focus on your goals and accomplishments. Help those you can, avoid persons who tear others down, even if in the littlest of ways.


Part of our yard has been barricaded, to allow the puppy to be off lead at times when out of doors. The poor mint and Angelica have seen better days, the mint is a hardy plant and it will recover; I’ll have to keep an eye on the Angelica. Barricades have also been erected in the house, princess puppy does have some furniture privileges, but the bed is not included on that list!


My little friends may be a little leery of our house guest, but they are still coming to visit!


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