Holding Pattern…

It sometimes seems I will never finish any of my knitting or my designs.   Those projects have been placed on hold… again, not just to make way for work, but also for a good cause and as a favor for a friend.  No pictures forthcoming there, I prefer such things to remain anonymous (except for when I was doing Locks of Love).  While this other project has been fulfilling, I am happy that I will be back on track shortly with my knitting… I can’t wait to again be working on my projects and especially the two patterns I am currently designing! And then there is food prep and also the yard-work, there is always the yard-work!

 Spring in our neck of the woods!

Speaking of Yard-work.

2015-04-16 09.13.39

This will be a time intensive project this year.

2015-04-16 09.16.43

I will attempt to reclaim this garden.  I let the vanilla grass take over a bit, because a while back we had neighbors with cats that loved to nest in it… which I found adorable, so I let it spread.  Now that those neighbors have moved and I no longer have those sweet, furry little reasons for allowing the grass to take over everything… I will need to carefully separate it from the other plants and hope that the other plants actually survive the process… and the transplanting.  I am also going to continue to work a border-material between the actual lawn and the beds.  I usually enjoy weeding, but even that grass can be a bit more aggressive than I wish to deal with… without a little help.

The vanilla grass, and anything else that doesn’t survive the afore-mentioned process will likely be recycled into a part of the water-feature we are designing for the back yard.  I say ‘we,’ when in all actuality my wonderful husband is the brains behind that wonder.  I just know that eventually there will be a waterfall or fountain involved, because we both want to hear the water!  A waterfall will need some elevation, any elevation will require some dirt… and the yard ‘waste’ will compost quite nicely into just that 😉

It’s a long, slow process… but an enjoyable experience none-the-less!

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The Birds and the Bees


It’s all about the color,

2015-04-06 17.14.52 2015-04-06 07.39.13 2015-04-01 08.53.11 2015-04-01 08.50.11 2015-04-06 17.05.37 2015-04-01 08.44.36 2015-03-31 09.29.08


2015-04-06 17.09.45 2015-04-01 08.42.38

Yes, yes, I have been putting off re-potting this puppy... for very obvious and sharp reasons!

Yes, yes, I have been putting off re-potting this puppy… for very obvious and sharp reasons!

Keeping the birds (& other critters) happy, well fed and entertained (oh wait, they keep us entertained!)

Best I could do of the Robin building a nest... that is the birds tail sticking up center picture.

Best I could do of the Robin building a nest… that is the bird’s tail sticking up center picture.

Duck pair in neighboring lawn, the ones in my yard wanted Nothing to do with the paparazzi!

Duck pair in neighboring lawn, the ones in my yard wanted Nothing to do with the paparazzi!



Quail, investigating where we are starting to flesh out a water-feature.

Quail, investigating where we are starting to flesh out a water-feature.

Squirrel!!! -on fence, behind the cherry tree.

Squirrel!!! -on fence, behind the cherry tree.

And keeping the Bees (and other pollinators) content, and safe (from chemicals), and well supplied in choices!

Honey bee, if you can see him, I wish I had a zoom lens for my phone, right now the bees are all-over this tree, the top of it, that is! And the busy little buggers won't stop to pose :-(

Honey bee, if you can see him, I wish I had a zoom lens for my phone, right now the bees are all-over this tree, the top of it, that is! And the busy little buggers won’t stop to pose 😦

2015-04-02 14.22.51

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Blessing Abound

Little vignettes that brighten my day,

2015-02-05 09.32.21 2015-02-05 08.58.50 2015-02-05 08.49.23

bring color and happiness…

2015-03-31 09.29.34 2015-03-30 15.45.35 2015-04-01 08.48.40

and make me realize I need to add Daffodils for next year!

2015-04-01 18.16.15 2015-04-01 08.45.54

I’m thinking some Autumn blooming bulbs might be in order as well, spread the wealth and the cheery color throughout the year!

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Spring is in the Air

Spring is quite literally in the air around our yard.  I do love when the lilacs start blooming.  One of my favorite scents.

2015-04-01 08.45.17

2015-03-31 09.32.08

The Grape Hyacinth are nice in mass too!

2015-04-01 08.49.39

The bees seem to prefer the crab-appleright now, but take fair time at all the other item in bloom as well, the tree is just a place to congregate now and then.

I haven’t seen them (bees) in numbers yet, but the season is still young.

 2015-04-06 17.09.02

I have been working more than knitting, and yard-work is punctuated by allowing the local wildlife time to browse for nesting spots…

2015-04-03 17.42.272015-04-03 17.50.16

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Another Collaboration – or – Pizza Night

We work well together, my husband and I.  It all started with a beautiful dough I put together out of the pizza book -James McNair’s Vegetarian Pizza- pictured.  (Page 12, by hand, basic with no variations… pepper is sometimes a nice addition though!).  Then came the fabulous sauce created by my husband out of the Better Homes recipe book- ISBN: 0-696-00012-1 – pictured.  (Section 11, page 247, by the book).

2015-03-29 20.21.38

We added a myriad of toppings and with rotated time on the pizza stone we ended up with a fabulous dinner… and then some, like a whole extra pizza!

2015-03-29 20.18.22

~ * ~

I actually got a picture containing of both of the quail pair today!

Male, top left, on the leaning log.  Female, lower right, just coming out onto the grass.

Male, top left, on the leaning log. Female, lower right, just coming out into the grass.

It is hard to catch those two together, though, yesterday I got him chatting it up with a squirrel!  He is behind the squirrel, by the gate, next to the bush.

2015-03-28 09.26.12

And, just because they make me happy, and I hope you like them too…

More pictures from our yard.

2015-03-26 15.11.30

2015-03-28 08.42.38 2015-03-26 16.52.25 2015-03-26 15.40.29 2015-03-28 08.48.26 2015-03-28 08.44.19

Warmest Wishes (but not too warm!)

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Budding Possibilities

Looking out at the world just a month ago I was ecstatic to see the trees starting to leaf out and a splash of color here and there.

2015-03-14 08.22.55

This tree now has buds!

2015-03-26 16.51.59

And it seems as if every time I venture outside something else is new and blooming!

 2015-03-21 18.10.47 2015-03-21 18.09.23 2015-03-21 18.09.10

2015-03-22 13.14.54 2015-03-22 13.14.32 2015-03-22 13.14.12 2015-03-22 13.12.38 2015-03-26 15.41.36

Of course in order to spend time outside, some must be spent inside preparing meals and doing other necessary chores.  Depending on the chore (of course) I can’t say I mind some of them too much, at least I won’t dwell on the ones that I do mind!  Today, before work I started a pot-pie collaboration with my husband (I started the food prep this morning, he will finish this evening)  We both enjoy cooking, we both enjoy cooking together.  Sure sometimes we step on each others toes, who doesn’t, but all-in-all, we choose to work together rather than apart.  Someone once told me that we were an anomaly, that most couples don’t cook together.  If that is true, it is just plain sad.  End of story.

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A Good Day

2015-02-20 07.59.01

The sun is  shining, but there is the smell of rain in the air! I do love such mornings.

2015-02-13 12.46.35The birds are singing, and our yard is waking up.

2015-03-17 09.25.01 2015-03-17 09.24.46 2015-03-18 09.21.50

One pair of socks done.

2015-03-21 11.50.17

Another just begun.

2015-03-23 06.44.50

And Progress on my Vintage Palm!

2015-03-23 06.40.47 2015-03-23 06.51.34

Life is good.


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Technical difficulties…Looking Forward

Been having technical difficulties as of late…  since the weather has been nice, and my finger has (for the most part) healed, I have ignored the computer for a bit and spent time in the yard.  Playing in the yard is my version of Heaven!

 ‘Tech’nically, I find it difficult to stay inside when there is so much to do in our yard!

Looking forward to more color…

Emerging bulbs (and others) at base of pine.

Emerging bulbs (and others) at base of pine.

I can’t believe one of our Yarrow plants is already set to bloom!

2015-02-18 10.05.37

The pussy willow is already dropping and the fennel is doing well…

2015-03-13 11.45.18 2015-03-13 11.44.06

and there is a we bit of color peeking about, out by the bird habitat.

 2015-03-13 11.42.24

I have been knitting on some socks, here and there…  unfortunately I am having to tweak and adjust the progress I made on my vintage palm while I was knitting with an injured finger, my gauge at that time was not always even, due to the adjustments I made in order to not aggravate the finger too much.  Ah, well… slow and steady, I am almost back on track there and then I can continue on with that project.

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Live Long and Prosper

A quick moment to fondly remember and say goodbye to a childhood idol and icon.  Goodbye Leonard Nimoy/Spock.  You are and will be missed.


2015-02-05 09.34.42

Every year it is interesting to see what comes back and what changes need to be made.  We are always in flux.  None of the ivy in our yard did exceptionally well this past season, but this needle point variety seems to have fared the best.  And, at first I wasn’t certain if the horseradish made it through the winter; I needn’t have worried, it seems.

2015-02-05 09.36.322015-02-22 16.26.30

Last year, or maybe it was the year before (it all blurs together at times) I put succulents in the herb box planter, they appear to thrive there still, better than the herbs did in any case.

2015-02-05 09.39.31

The parsley seems well, and among the living too; maybe… provided we don’t have any hard freezes that put us back at the starting line.

2015-02-18 10.07.48

Now, I suspected the rumors that a rhubarb plant dies completely if you let it flower and go to seed were a fallacy… because really, they did survive without human intervention at one time or other through history. and… lo and behold…

Flowering rhubarb, May 2014

Flowering rhubarb, May 2014

It’s back!

Emerging Rhubarb, February 2015

Emerging Rhubarb, February 2015

Color comes, and color goes…and it just makes me want to add even more!2015-02-20 12.43.28 2015-02-15 15.01.21 2015-02-22 13.14.50 2015-02-22 13.14.32

And while my finger has not fully healed, and is still quite tender…

2015-02-25 06.26.32

 I might be able to start touching on the knitting again, very, very soon!!!

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Tick Tock

It’s been over a week since I accidentally tried to reshape my finger…  jury’s still out on whether that will happen or not.  It appears to be healing back together okay, but it looks and feels a bit gnarly.  Meanwhile I want to knit so badly, but I really don’t want to reopen/re-injure the finger.  I really am trying to be good here, but I keep thinking of other ideas and projects I want to start.  My husband is correct in his assessment…  I am worse than a 10-year-old boy told to sit still…  it’s a darn near impossibility.  Our yard will attest to that!

2015-02-05 09.35.27

Here it is, mid February, and since I discovered that I can do yard work one-handed, with relative ease… I have uncovered a lot more in the flower beds than I probably should have.  In my defense, there are so many little pretties starting to peak through, some even set to bloom already… and I really do wish to witness their whole show without damaging them.  Now let me hope we don’t have any severe frosts.

2015-02-13 12.44.40 2015-02-13 12.39.32 2015-02-13 12.47.42

Earlier today the birds appeared to be vying to lease space in the multiple bird houses we have in our yard… even the fixer-upper which is an old bird house that is now just for decoration on the potting shelves!  What a hoot to watch.  Maybe we need to add housing!  If only for the entertainment value.

2015-02-13 16.40.10

I do love the fact that both me and my husband love to surround ourselves with good books, mementos and memories and more!  The black sheep was given to me by another black sheep that I will hopefully knit with again, when next our paths meet!

A happy little vignette!

A happy little vignette!

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