Live Long and Prosper

A quick moment to fondly remember and say goodbye to a childhood idol and icon.  Goodbye Leonard Nimoy/Spock.  You are and will be missed.


2015-02-05 09.34.42

Every year it is interesting to see what comes back and what changes need to be made.  We are always in flux.  None of the ivy in our yard did exceptionally well this past season, but this needle point variety seems to have fared the best.  And, at first I wasn’t certain if the horseradish made it through the winter; I needn’t have worried, it seems.

2015-02-05 09.36.322015-02-22 16.26.30

Last year, or maybe it was the year before (it all blurs together at times) I put succulents in the herb box planter, they appear to thrive there still, better than the herbs did in any case.

2015-02-05 09.39.31

The parsley seems well, and among the living too; maybe… provided we don’t have any hard freezes that put us back at the starting line.

2015-02-18 10.07.48

Now, I suspected the rumors that a rhubarb plant dies completely if you let it flower and go to seed were a fallacy… because really, they did survive without human intervention at one time or other through history. and… lo and behold…

Flowering rhubarb, May 2014

Flowering rhubarb, May 2014

It’s back!

Emerging Rhubarb, February 2015

Emerging Rhubarb, February 2015

Color comes, and color goes…and it just makes me want to add even more!2015-02-20 12.43.28 2015-02-15 15.01.21 2015-02-22 13.14.50 2015-02-22 13.14.32

And while my finger has not fully healed, and is still quite tender…

2015-02-25 06.26.32

 I might be able to start touching on the knitting again, very, very soon!!!

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Tick Tock

It’s been over a week since I accidentally tried to reshape my finger…  jury’s still out on whether that will happen or not.  It appears to be healing back together okay, but it looks and feels a bit gnarly.  Meanwhile I want to knit so badly, but I really don’t want to reopen/re-injure the finger.  I really am trying to be good here, but I keep thinking of other ideas and projects I want to start.  My husband is correct in his assessment…  I am worse than a 10-year-old boy told to sit still…  it’s a darn near impossibility.  Our yard will attest to that!

2015-02-05 09.35.27

Here it is, mid February, and since I discovered that I can do yard work one-handed, with relative ease… I have uncovered a lot more in the flower beds than I probably should have.  In my defense, there are so many little pretties starting to peak through, some even set to bloom already… and I really do wish to witness their whole show without damaging them.  Now let me hope we don’t have any severe frosts.

2015-02-13 12.44.40 2015-02-13 12.39.32 2015-02-13 12.47.42

Earlier today the birds appeared to be vying to lease space in the multiple bird houses we have in our yard… even the fixer-upper which is an old bird house that is now just for decoration on the potting shelves!  What a hoot to watch.  Maybe we need to add housing!  If only for the entertainment value.

2015-02-13 16.40.10

I do love the fact that both me and my husband love to surround ourselves with good books, mementos and memories and more!  The black sheep was given to me by another black sheep that I will hopefully knit with again, when next our paths meet!

A happy little vignette!

A happy little vignette!

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Life is good

I know it shouldn’t, but it always amazes me how one’s attitude and outlook can really shape your world.

2015-02-08 13.00.17
I find that, especially when I’m tired, I need to keep a firm grip on being positive; or at least I need to actively focus on looking for the good that is around me.  It exists, at times it may not be/seem as evident as the bad, but during these times I need to look harder…  And then, there are times it can bowl me over it is so assertive.

2015-02-08 12.59.33 2015-02-08 12.58.57

It is looking like I may not lose a chunk of finger, though that still depends on my being gentle with it for a while!  That means keeping the knitting, crochet and needlework off the table for a bit more time, big sigh.  I have made huge inroads at organizing the paperwork that tends to get neglected when there are more palatable things to do.  But, it now has almost become a game for me, an organizational puzzle of sorts; I think it has kind of become fun!

When I’m not at work or playing with papers I’ve been reading!  There are a number of books I bounce between, depending on my mood including most of the ones mentioned in the last post…  the brain candy was finished in a little over a day.  Good book.  I might mention that I slept funny night before last and woke up with a severe crimp in my neck, could barely turn my head, especially toward the right.  Well, I let myself suffer through a good piece of the morning before I thought about posture; when I reminded myself of ‘standing tall‘ I almost instantly, and nearly, had my full range of motion (and virtually pain-free) return to my neck and shoulders.  Happy day!

2015-02-05 09.43.06

Another happy note, a sweet friend who saw that I was going stir-crazy not being able to knit or play in the yard came up with a workable solution for the yard!  Why didn’t I think of something as simple as a sling.  Keeps my hand somewhat immobilized and serves as a reminder not to bang or dirty it up.  While a lot of the things I do require two hands, I can manage yard cleanup with one (for the most part!)

2015-02-08 15.17.15 2015-02-08 15.18.02

And we have sunshine!

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An Unfortunate turn of events? Maybe not!

I can’t do much knitting or crochet with my finger injured where and how it is, so any projects involving that or sewing (oww, owww) are still on hold.  I’m supposed to keep the injury clean and dry, and try not to bang it up too much too…  so…  gardening is off the plate as well (sad face).  Cooking and cleaning are a bit limited too, for the same reasons, but ‘rubber’ gloves at least allow me to keep up with the necessary chores.

I can read though!!! and sit and think…

2015-01-21 14.04.03

Since injuring myself, by slipping on the ice earlier this year; I have been thinking that I did myself no favors when I attended college for a second degree.

Well, that’s not entirely true, I did acquire the degree… with honors, but…

While there I incurred more of what sometimes seems like insurmountable student loan debt, I gained weight, lost my good posture and core muscle strength.  I unknowingly/unthinkingly developed the bad habits of slouching, eating too rapidly (you know, to fit food in-between classes), and of leaning on things when standing and/or standing in off-balance positions (like putting more pressure on one hip or the other).  Besides the food/weight issue, these bad habits were not something I  really noticed or thought about, probably because the body has a way of compensating for such things… until it can’t. (Long story short, I got lazy… and lazy muscles do not make recovery from injury easy)

Fast forward a few years, and throw in a minor injury to a hand (the less dominant one, thank goodness), add a kind gift from a friend (book -Thank you B) and then… the healing/retraining begins!

The more I read that book, and another one I have since acquired, the more I realize that there was a time, that without thinking/knowing about it I practiced Pilates (in my own form/way)when I was younger, more active and fit.  When Once Upon A Time I would have complete strangers comment to me about my excellent posture and the way I moved.

Slow and steady wins the race, but even after a few days of practicing the fundamentals my body is remembering and I am feeling better.  The retraining of my body’s muscles will take some time, and I have a long way to go; but in my core (literally and figuratively) I feel that I am headed in the right direction.  I’m also thinking of pulling out a book that helped me a while back, it was more motivational for me than others.  The lessons I most remember learning from that source were to move and to breathe -or- “Fat burns in oxygen” is how, I think, she put it!

Besides the three books referenced above I have started another as well, it was gifted to me this past Christmas. I do love brain candy!

Beyond that, I have been reduced to organizing paperwork and other such things that, truly, are long overdue for attention.

2015-02-05 09.40.12

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February? Already!

I had hoped to be further along on my Vintage Palm, but at least I have made progress, and some days that is all one can ask for!

2015-02-02 09.38.18

I am still enjoying this knit, and the more I work with it, the more enamored I become with Red Barn Yarn‘s vintage leather color.  I am nearly finished with this stage of the pattern and can’t wait to see how the rest comes together.  As this project progresses I am becoming very comfortable with knitting Continental style and now I find myself switching back and forth between that and English Style on other projects, as the mood dictates.

2015-01-26 11.02.33 2015-01-26 11.02.19

I am so very ready for this winter to be over and done.  It has been cold, wet and dreary, this wouldn’t be so bad but we had a run of icy conditions for a while too.  I actually found none of this to be terrible until I slipped (didn’t fall, caught myself) and met some muscles I have not been well acquainted with up until this point.  Mercifully, it has warmed up a bit recently, we are not balmy by any stretch, but it has given me time out in the yard to clean up a bit under trees and bushes (areas that provide car-port type conditions for the plants underneath.  Part of the clean-up involved some ivy…  which has become the latest wreath additions to our yard!

I’m not the only one thinking winter should be on its way out…

 2015-01-30 11.40.41

Another sock had transformed into another little bag…

2015-01-28 06.55.51 2015-01-28 06.54.50 2015-01-28 06.58.16 2015-01-28 06.56.35

And I have made it past the toe and onto the foot of my sock,barely, but I’m there.

2015-01-31 12.33.30

But… After a bit of a mishap involving a rotary cutter in an unrelated activity, everything is on hold until the wound has healed enough for these activities.

2015-02-03 18.59.53

Now, what to read… while waiting for that to happen!


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Progress and Peanuts

I am nearer today to my rip-out point on my Vintage palm, and it is still on gauge! I am still so in love with the colors of this yarn and enjoying the project when I take the time to knit upon it.

2015-01-21 14.07.21

The first toe is going well, I am also in the process of getting the directions off of paper and onto the computer, with good progress there too, slow all around… but good!  I am trying to make certain I hit all the points I need to make it a good and easy to follow pattern.

2015-01-21 14.10.06

And then I look out the window at a commotion in my line of sight.  It’s a squirrel, running back and forth on one of the barrels I use for planting… stopping every round to madly flip his tail, until I look up and make eye contact…

Ummm...  may I have another peanut please, this appears to be the last one.

Ummm… may I have another peanut please, this appears to be the last one.

Yes, I take him more peanuts, his wild attempt to get my attention was a performance that deserved something for the effort, so I guess I’m a softie!  While outside, delivering squirrel treats I note that the temperature is not frigid, cold, but not frigid… guess what I do next!

2015-01-26 11.01.16 2015-01-26 11.01.51

2015-01-26 11.00.42

A little bit of progress made in the yard too, and some of the bulbs are starting to push through! I believe those are Hyacinth.

2015-01-26 11.00.18

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How to beat the Dreary

It is so easy to overlook the blessing that lay about our lives.  The days have been cold, dreary and bleak looking.  Too chilly to venture out for yard work, though I have been itching to do so.  A solid cloud cover from horizon to horizon with little to no definition, they call it an inversion.  It just seems to put everyone on edge.  I want to go out and start spring cleaning, so that when the bulbs start to show their pretty little faces I can enjoy the entire show!

2015-01-21 14.56.18

It is really still a bit too early to do very much uncovering right now, I want to keep a bit of insulation around anything that needs it, but I am so ready for the dreary to be over.  On the plus side, while I am stuck inside I do have some pretties to help keep me warm!

2015-01-21 13.58.40

and I have a wonderful husband who loves me and takes good care of me and keeps me well supplied in crafting materials, books, food…!  I think he really gets a kick out of seeing what I am going to create next, especially when it comes to recycling objects.  I like what has become of this sock, as well as the other ones I pictured on my last post.

 2015-01-15 18.27.50 2015-01-15 18.25.36 2015-01-15 18.25.09

Speaking of socks, I am in the final laps on the ones I have been dragging around work for forever (as in I started them in August 2011)!  I will need a new project to drag around, I will make certain these don’t take so long…  they will be for my Well Loved Husband.  I’m still making progress on my Vintage Palm, but not as much as I could be because for these new socks I am dusting off the part of me brain where I create my own patterns. So, here goes nothing!

2015-01-20 06.38.41

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Time Flies… even when you are not having fun

2015-01-08 10.23.19

This Holiday season has been busier than usual, I have not been able to make the quick progress hoped for on my Vintage Palm but… there is always tomorrow!  In any case, I have almost started on the third skein, which puts me at about 2/3 of the way through to the point in which I took it all apart for the fresh start.  I am glad I did, I’m liking what I’m seeing this go-around!

2014-12-19 10.46.05

The Robins are back!  I’m not certain, but I believe it is early for them to return.  There were so many of them, I wish I could have captured the incredible activity, or even more than just a handful of birds at a time in a picture.

2014-12-19 10.54.57

I am really hoping they are telling us that winter is nearly over, it has been so gray and gloomy and cold.  None of which I would mind so much if I could just be home in my cozy little place, along with my husband through the mess of it.  Oh well, it’s not as bad as all that, especially when animals get thrown into the mix!

My parents have the cutest pudgiest little squirrels, is it no wonder... !

My parents have the cutest pudgiest little squirrels, is it no wonder…

Our house has been full of good tastes and smells.

Loaded spinach salad

Loaded spinach salad

Along with our daily fare, my dear husband and I have been working to stay healthy and to stock the freezer with good for us foods that are quick to fix on those days that don’t allow for creativity in the kitchen.

Sandwiches made with a Crock-pot roast

Sandwiches made with a Crock-pot roast

Navy beans, on the soak.

Navy beans, on the soak.

A boiling ham hock does not make for a pretty picture, but the finished product makes my tummy happy!

A boiling ham hock does not make for a pretty picture, but the finished product makes my tummy happy!

The creative juices have not only been flowing in the kitchen, or with the knitting… when I have gotten to it…

2015-01-08 14.26.56

When I have found a wee bit of extra free time, here and there, I have found a way to recycle a few socks – if you can believe it!

2015-01-08 14.34.45 2015-01-08 14.32.24

Of the two bags pictured, I believe this one is my favorite, and it's completely reversible too!

Of the two bags pictured, I believe this one is my favorite, and it’s completely reversible too!

Though I wish I could stay home more frequently, a common complaint I hear among family and friends, I shouldn’t whine too much, my season slows after the holidays settle, and then I will have more free time on my hands.  And, my poor husband has much more on his plate than I do.

I really do appreciate him and all he does.

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Time ~ or ~ Spot on!

Christmas has come and gone already.

2014-12-19 21.11.05

I sit here and think – that it is amazing just how fast time slips by.  Some days I feel like I have all the time in the world; I put things aside because priorities are focused elsewhere, I’ll get to it later…

Today is the last say of December 2014... where did the year go?

Today is the last say of December 2014… where did the year go?

The deadline for this isn’t today… that isn’t due until later; and all of a sudden (or so it seems) where did all that time go?  I am finding (actually I’ve known this for a while) that it is best not to put things off; get them done, get them off your plate, get a feeling of accomplishment and a weight off your shoulders.  Then, time may still fly; but I don’t feel quite so overwhelmed when I dwell on the implications.  Last day of the year, time to dwell.

We had a white Christmas!  The birds had to dig out!

We had a white Christmas! The birds had to dig out!

Unfortunately, I had to set aside the knitting (and a few other things) to get through the Holidays in one sane piece (as sane as I come in any case!)

2014-12-31 09.23.06

Other than the not having any time off from the jobs except Christmas day & the day before yesterday, [which I spent cleaning and then window shopping with my mother (well, I was window shopping, she bought out the store… not actually)  it was a very good day.  We finished it off with some fabulous lemon ginger tea that my wonderful husband gave to me for Christmas.  I shared some of my books with her, and we perused recipes, I was able to knit a bit…]  Life is good!

Mom wasn't as taken with the Death star tea-ball as I am...  come on, it even has a little TIE fighter with it!

Mom wasn’t as taken with the Death star tea-ball as I am… come on, it even has a little TIE fighter with it!

So, I sit down this morning before venturing to work; & think, “I had to rip this entire project out and begin again because I didn’t take the time to lay it out and track my gauge as I went. I picked it up yesterday, after not touching it for a while, and didn’t check where I left off.”  Yesterday I had proceeded to add a few repeats to the project and still didn’t check… and here I am today, tentatively pulling out the tape measure…

Knitting ready for the New Year!

Knitting ready for the New Year!

And… I’m on gauge! (read: !!!!!!!”) And through the whole piece, no less!  I couldn’t be happier….well, technically I suppose I could – but, we won’t get into that!  Anyways, I am currently almost ½ way through to the point I stopped and frogged the first go of this project.  I feel I have made good progress.

2014-12-27 23.23.12

This past year has been full of changes (aren’t they always!) This year is the first year in a while I feel we are on the right track.  Not that we have been on a ‘wrong’ track, but life through 2014 (for the most part) seems to have had a more positive edge for myself and my husband.  It seems to have been sprinkled with possibility and promise.  There is a lot more we feel should have been able to accomplish, and more we would like to plan for, but that is what tonight was built for…introspection, retrospection and dreaming!  A melancholy night… New Years Eve always has been that for me and him, but we like melancholy, set to good music, in our cozy home and with a glass of champagne!

2014-12-31 09.37.06

I wish for you a very Happy New Year.

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No knitting for you!

Where does time go?  I have been unable to find much of it to knit with, therefore I have made very, very little progress on my Vintage Palm, or anything else outside of work and chores (sad face).

2014-12-17 07.11.14

Again… The holiday season seems like a far busier time of year to me than others have been.  Reflecting on it, that probably isn’t really the case…  but, with all the lights, the frenetic advertising and the general energy of excitement that usually surrounds this time of year…  well, to me at least, this year in particular seems especially hectic; but that is likely because of changes that are afoot which are throwing routine out the window…

- or -

closer to reality…  old routines are going away and new ones are necessarily taking their place (new shoes are seldom perfectly comfortable right out of the box),  …and, on top of that, I know that the seeds are sown for even more change…  but whether those particular seeds will bear fruit…  only time will tell.  No matter, it’s all good.

2014-12-17 06.59.29 2014-12-17 07.09.14

As uncomfortable as some changes can be, and as crazy as they can make us, it is always good to appreciate them, on some level.  For instance, the ones me and my husband are currently dealing with; well, we may not be where we wish to be,

but, there are plenty of others who would love to stand on the footing we have right now. Perspective.

This year we once again have a tree for Christmas! And, slowly, but surely, it is getting decorated!!!

This year we once again have a tree for Christmas! And, slowly, but surely, it is getting decorated!!!

We have been eating good food, good for us food on top of it all too!  We have happily discovered how to get fabulous tasting organic foods with out the exorbitantly high prices that come with that sometimes fallacious fare…  we grow our own and despite the weather outside, we are still eating fresh from our garden tomatoes…  and if all goes well, that will continue even into the New Year!  We had a good crop this year, plus at the end of the season, we harvested a fair amount of green tomatoes which we have been eating on as they ripen.

2014-12-17 08.19.50

Taco’s anyone!

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